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Levitating LED Bulb Lamp, Magnetic, Desktop Décor, Floating Lamp, Unique Gift

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Introducing the Levitating Bulb Lamp, a mesmerizing and practical lighting solution. Perfect for any space, it's a unique gift that adds enchantment to your surroundings. 
  • Mesmerizing Floating Bulb: Experience the enchantment of a levitating bulb that defies gravity and adds a touch of magic to any space.
  • Wireless Control Convenience: Effortlessly turn the light on and off with wireless control, enhancing the enchantment of this remarkable lamp.
  • Striking Centerpiece Design: Make a statement with this captivating lamp that serves as a conversation starter and exquisite focal point in any room.
  • Cozy and Inviting Glow: Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with the lamp's ethereal and otherworldly glow, perfect for enhancing any home or office decor.
  • Perfect Gift Choice: Surprise your loved ones with a truly one-of-a-kind present that will be cherished and treasured for years to come.


Follow the simple setup instructions and precautions to enjoy its magical display for years to come.

To make the most of your Levitating Bulb Lamp, follow these simple instructions for a captivating and magical experience:

Keep the bulb away from the base: Ensure that the bulb is not in contact with the base before starting the setup process.

Plug in the base: Connect the included power cable to the base and plug it into a power outlet. Make sure the base is stable and placed on a level surface.

Prepare to place the bulb: With both hands, carefully hold the bulb. Take note that the bulb need not touch the base at any point during the setup.

Find the right position: Position the bulb in the middle of the base, slightly higher up. Experiment with different heights until you locate the "sweet spot" where the bulb is magnetically attracted to and repelled by the magnetic zone in the base.

Observe the floating effect: Once the bulb is in the correct position, you will notice it starting to float as it is suspended in mid-air by magnetic levitation. At this point, gently remove your hands and marvel at the magical display.

Control the light: The power button on the base is used to turn the bulb on or off wirelessly. Simply press the power button to activate the light, and press it again to turn it off, all while enjoying the enchanting floating effect.

Remember to exercise caution and handle the bulb with care to avoid any damage. Enjoy the captivating display of the Levitating Bulb Lamp as it adds a touch of magic and wonder to your space.

Caution: The Levitating Bulb Lamp is a unique and mesmerizing piece, but it should be handled with utmost care due to its fragile nature. To ensure the longevity and proper functioning of the lamp, please adhere to the following precautions:

1. Avoid pushing the floating bulb: It is crucial to refrain from touching or pushing the bulb while it is floating in mid-air. Applying force to the bulb can disrupt its balance and potentially cause it to fly off the base, resulting in damage to the lamp.

2. Keep children and adults informed: Educate both children and adults about the delicate nature of the lamp and the importance of not interfering with the floating bulb. Encourage them to admire and enjoy the lamp's magical display from a safe distance without attempting to touch or disrupt it.

3. Secure the lamp in a stable location: Place the Levitating Bulb Lamp in an area where it is less likely to be accidentally bumped or knocked over. Choose a stable surface away from high-traffic areas to minimize the risk of the lamp being disturbed or damaged.


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