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5 Tips For Choosing Hand Painted Oil Paintings For Your Home

 Adding artworks or paintings instantly gives a unique personality and vibe to our home. We normally use paintings to add color, depth or to simply enhance a room. But, how do we choose the right painting for our home? There are lot of beautiful artworks out there and you want to choose the best for you and your home. Here are our 5 Tips for Choosing Paintings for your Home.

Abstract Hand Painted Oil Painting


Check the dominant colors of the artwork if it complements your space. If you have neutral furniture and décor around your area, choose an artwork that has bold colors to provide contrast. Or if you have solid colors dominating the space, choose an artwork within the color scheme to provide continuity.

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Abstract Hand Painted Oil Painting

Scale and Size

Consider the scale and size of your room when buying a painting. Check if the scale and size of the painting is right for the area. If your space is big, you could choose a largescale painting. For small rooms or spaces, instead of overwhelming the space with 1 huge painting, you can try a mix and match of paintings with different sizes and orientation.

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What is the ongoing theme or style of your home? Are you going for modern? Contemporary? Transitional? Farmhouse? Make sure that the artwork and paintings you buy go with the design flow of your space so it will have a cohesive and collected look.

Abstract Hand Painted Oil Painting

Check your Options

Before deciding on what painting to buy, make sure to shop around for more choices. Having more choices will help you visualize and explore design possibilities.


Last tip, when choosing a painting or artwork for your homes, remember to choose something that suits your style. Your home is about you, it is a reflection of who you are. It is important that you love the painting you choose.

The presence of artworks and paintings in your home surely gives your home a refreshing look and an extraordinary aura. Choosing the best painting is a vital decision as you will see this every day and it will add a unique and personal touch to your space.

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Abstract Sea Hand Painted Oil Painting

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